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Actually with all the hot air speeches and all the farting during the conference they contributed more to green house gases and global warming than what they sought to accomplish.

Hey, Pol = Now, you've made me watch a whole bunch of Cleese and then Benny Hill!

Dude if I was a basketball id have so much fun

driving home from work

That tree is a badass influence on that innocent egg!! This is apalling!!

super strength? i can handle that (crushes car with hands)


I'm already a big tea fan, I prefer loose but I take it any way I can.

Thanks for the invite =(^___^)+!!!
This is a wonderful and creative idea forkless! Thank you.

Hi My name is Vaishak. I am new to this forum... so, I am just starting off with a big Hi to you all. Have any of you been to Kerala in India. It is a place, I am from. You get lots of spices there. So, personally, I felt more at home reading and seeing the pics in this article.
My favorite spices are cinnamon, pepper, and cardamom.
At home, we used to make tea by boiling tea leaves and spices together and then add milk. We call it Masala Chai. Anyone of you had it before?
Would love to hear, what your favorite spices are too..