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LOL! He's a character. I like his markings. I had a cat that I nicknamed cat-fish-dog. He was a cat, loved the water, and I swear he tries to bark, it sounds so funny.
Is he partial to Louis Vuitton's? lol!

That was beautiful, and so was Rufasa. I'm sorry you've lost him.

The Ministry of Silly Walks!


Thanks for the kind words :)

So your Korean?

Well i have some too..
* AKINO - Pride Nadeki
-from the anime Aquarion Evol. I like it because it has a medieval feeling when listeng, its rythm too is mediaval style. And it feels like meeting a person you know after 10,000 years. Huehueheu

* Kami nomi zo shiru sekai - Ai no yokan
- i like the intro. Feels upbeat

* Yui - Ichiban no takaramono (Angel beats!)
- it was my second favorine since i started watching anime..
- i know to to play it on guitar too, fingerstyle and strum.

* Shigatsu wa kimi ni uso - Orange (Final)
- A very relaxing song too, i like listening it while watching stars.

* Coorie - Sora no manimani
- Well the anime is about stars, i like playing it when watching stars too, it gives the feeling of mythical.

* UMA - 永久の恋 (Tayutama)
- This was my first favorite song and the one that hit me hard very much

* Macross Frontier - what bout' my star?
- a very upbeat sobg i like the rythm very most.

Too many i cant write them all

OST's (backround musics)
From animes:
- angel beats!
- sola
- Sora no manimani
- clannad
- b gata g kei (the flamenco one)


Honestly, only when I'm sleeping does this site come alive!

But yaaaay, am I excited about our sec... I mean our channels members increasing!!

I'm exactly where I was an year ago. I suppose that would translate to the goal not having worked out the way I fantasised it to.
No, I do not want 2015 to end early. I plan to end this year on a high note. And three months are in no way sufficient for me to work things out. I need time. Lots of time. If anybody has a spare time turner and is willing to sell it to a poor, desperate soul in need, contact me at DIsqus. I would be eternally obliged.