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Not all will agree with me, but I can do a picture freehand by the time I did all that button mashing. If you learn to work quickly, you don't really need a graphics program. I only use Paint for rotating, sizing, and cropping. Plus the occasional touchup. This is not bad at all, considering how hard it is to draw with a mouse.

Kill La Kill outfits?

Does anyone here watch Major Crimes?

It's an awful game. Not worth it

Right now I am currently drinking ginger, and chamomile tea on a daily basis. Chamomile is a wonderful sleep aid! Ginger helps reduce inflammation.

I will start drinking the Oolong tea! I like the sound of dissolving the fat cells clinging to my hippies, decreasing. :-) If nothing else, the description of your oolong tea helped lift my spirit.

I can't say that I have a favorite tea, only coffee. I do both kinds of tea. Bagged or loose. I prefer bagged when I am lazy. Loose when I'm not.

What do you mean?

I'm number one, and others drivers around me are not afraid to tell me so

Donnie darko

Disregard my post let's just say I was on one last night..

I wonder what you dream about...