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randolph you always bring a smile to my face. and the art and stories are so cute.(in the most respectful way, of course).

Big effin deal

Ha ! Celine Dion's husband and brother dying, now that's just pissed all over that idea eh? Now, have ye anymore meth left? Fire up the pipe and get back to the drawing board...

Hi Cole. What's this about? You didn't put a description with your picture. Thanks

My waifu is Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul

Depthless characters, unexplained stuff (nakama power up or 'i will not give up' power up, or straight out plot holes) and cheap fanservice. Dont get me wrong, i am generally cool with fanservice, but when it gets plain out cheap and the main focus of the anime, and is not executed properly, i get mad. REALLY mad. (The reason i didnt watch musaigen no phantom world. The girl literally gropes herself to use her powers. Ugh.)

Durarara dubbed peeps

Mine would have to be Natsu form fairy tail I know it's quite cliche because he is from one of tho's SUPER popular anime's but still :D

Damn it!! I shoulda scrolled down 1st , just seen that guy post the Cs .. Doheth!!!

Mine is yato from noragami and nagisa from assassin classroom. =w=