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Laughter, The Best Medicine: Guy Posts Fake Black Friday Ads At Target

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Submitted by Deardorff6j on Tue, 01/19/2016 - 15:47
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Those are pretty funny!

I was hoping for an ad for the action figure in the upcoming movie "The Well-Fed Games"

Hahahahahahaha! Bonkers, but fun!

Ya'know, if you buy Five tents you get One Free Month of Falcon food!
This is Really a Great Gag, Thanks for the Laugh!!

I'd buy the fanny pack full of pudding first to eat while I waited in line with my other cart load of purchases. The date time R2D2 would just go perfectly in my driveway, one on each side. The invitation to Kyle's Bar Mitzvah is a great deal for the kids with the bounce house, etc. I just don't know what a kugel is.

Very clever man...glad I saw this...a bit late but that's ok.

If this really catches on, we might start to see White Mondays, Brown Tuesdays, Green Wednesdays, and Yellow Thursdays. Accompanied by the Allen-Bradley band.
Resistance is futile...

When I went to my shrink and told him that two nights ago I dreamt I was a teepee and last night I dreamt I was a wigwam, he told me to ease up, I was two tents...

Nyuk nyuk.

I named my falcon Maltease.

Malteasers too.

I think I just soiled my britches. Sniff Sniff. No, I know I did. It would be unfair not to share.