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Haven Cancelled - Season 5B to be the Last

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Submitted by macabhaird0e on Wed, 01/20/2016 - 16:08
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Love this show. Have been watching it since it started, although in my opinion it got a little slow at the beginning of Season 5 but by the mid-season finale it picked back up. After seeing the mid-season finale I have been waiting anxiously for the second half to start.

It sucks it got cancelled but it seems the logical closing point once they overcome (or don't overcome) this disaster unleashed on Haven.

No! Love this show.

Are you the one who decided to cancel it? Have you finally turned to the dark side of the Force, αιωv? And why is the sky now so blue? What is a poor Bleacher to do?

This was still a thing? I thought it was cancelled during season 1.