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Glory Is Fleeting But Obscurity Is Forever.

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Submitted by NatalyaRW0b on Tue, 01/19/2016 - 19:56
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you have got to start selling these at flea markets or something. this is awesome.

That's a very nice thing to say Esh..
I don't have much of choice since I have only received rejection letters thus far from just about every art licencing site. They have not seen the value in them that the "Regular" art buying public has seen. I am fortunate enough to have sold a few here and there....

seriously....frame them and sell them your self. put em on craigs list or something. too good to be just sittin around collecting dust.

Thanx again for the encouraging words Esh....I only started making them last's the first one I ever sold....
"Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication."

Others agree. Zippy has previously posted pictures of and references to other examples of this style of his work that he has sold.

An excellent point. Some of what I have considered my failures have been seen as successes by other people.
Leonardo Da Vinci (or maybe it was Michelangelo)* actually destroyed most of his sketches and models for sculpture so that, in the future, he would be judged only by what he recognized as his best work, not the interim steps and inferior drawings he made leading to these and other works.
*(Lots of Michelangelo's sketches and models remain, but relatively few of Da Vinci's so I'm pretty sure I remembered that correctly. What we have of Da Vinci is mostly the drawings from his notebooks, written in reverse. On the other hand, students off the Academy of Art at the Louvre were purportedly able to check out drawings by famous artists, including Da Vinci, as late as the 1880s. Can you imagine going to your college librarian and asking to check out chalk drawings by Durer or Lead pencil sketches by Raphael and "Oh yes, I'd like to take home any sketches you have by Da Vinci related to the figures in his 'Last Supper', please.")

I used to do a lot of these types of drawings too. Where you make a continuous Line without breaking it. I really appreciate the skill involved with this. Well done.

Long live the King.

Indeed a very good idea

Definitely agree there is no right or wrong - and if one doesn't look for any response from an 'audience' of sorts it doesn't matter all together. Art is there for the expression though making art people can connect with is a beautiful thing too. The best pieces of visual art and music in my opinion are honest works that came from true expression.